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Tempus Foods - British Charcuterie


Our Philosophy is Key 

To make exceptional British Charcuterie you need exceptional pigs. So what makes the right pig? What we know is that age and size are the two key factors in delivering a special product. Tempus, the Latin word for time; underpins everything we do to create our range of charcuterie. 

At Tempus we only use ex-breeding sows and ex-dairy beef in our charcuterie; which in the case of the pigs means animals that are in excess of 4 years old and weigh more than 180kg. They deliver marbling, fat ratios and intensity of flavour; that simply cannot be matched by younger and smaller animals.

This ethos is also part of our commitment to utilising the food-chain correctly. We have a responsibility to use animals already in existence as these - often overlooked animals are truly special. They should be treated with the respect reverence they deserve. In this instance, old is indeed better. 

Exceptional British Charcuterie

At our purpose-built facility in Weybridge, we butcher, cure, ferment and age our products. Then finishing them for up to a year in our custom-built ageing room; where the natural moulds have been allowed to colonise. Alongside our technical know-how is our obsessive exploration of flavour. Through our understanding of spices which together have led to our unique and multi-award winning range of exceptional British Charcuterie.
Exceptional British Charcuterie