The Ultimate Tempus Christmas Collection

The Ultimate Tempus Christmas Collection

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Prepare for the festive season with the 'Ultimate Tempus Christmas Collection'. This collection includes some of our most popular and award-winning products, making it the perfect Christmas present for your foodie friends. Or to serve at all your upcoming seasonal events.

All our products have a two-month shelf life, comfortably seeing you through the Christmas and New Year period.

 What's included?

 75g of Achari Salami - 1 Star Great Taste Product

The spice mix for this salami is based on an Indian recipe for pickling going back hundreds of years. A delicate blend including fennel seed, black pepper, and fenugreek.

75g of House Salami - 2 Star Great Taste Product 

This salami is flavoured solely with black pepper. It is made very much in the French style of a saucisson sec while displaying our unique touch.

 75g of Spiced Coppa

 Characterised by its natural golden ratio of lean muscle to fat it has a deep, rich flavour and a wonderful texture. The spice blend used in the cure includes cloves & cinnamon. Both are synonyms with Christmas!

75g of Chestnut Smoked Coppa - 1 Star Great Taste Product

Cured and aged in the same way as the spiced coppa, we have replaced the spice with chestnut wood smoke giving a completely different product and flavour profile.

150g of Tempus No.8 - 2 Star Great Taste Product

A fully cured, spreadable Great Taste winning product that is ideal for canapés, livening up your stuffing or adding to sauces. Flavoured with two types of Mexican chilis, fennel seed, mace and dried orange zest. This product is packed with flavour and delivers a delicious warming heat!

75g of Air Dried Dairy Beef - 1 Star Great Taste Product

This sustainable and ethical Bresaola-style product is ideal as a light starter with rocket, sun-blushed tomatoes and a shaving of Parmesan, drizzled with olive oil.

Whole Achari Salami (min 250g)

A delicate blend including fennel seed, talicherry black pepper, and fenugreek this salami has a complex yet subtle flavour.

Save over 20%

Individually priced all products value at over £65. When purchased as part of this collection, you save over 20% and also qualify for free delivery.


 More On Tempus Foods...

Meticulously spiced, award-winning charcuterie. A delicious joint venture between Masterchef Alumni Tom Whitaker and Dhruv Baker.

As part of our continued environmental and sustainability plan, Tempus Foods are fully committed to utilising the food chain as responsibly as possible by only using British, ex-breeding sows and ex-suckler or dairy cows.

These older animals, in our opinion, are not only the most ethical and sustainable option but by far the most delicious. As such our commitment is to only use animals at the end of their lives, not at the beginning.