Truffle Salami 75g

Truffle Salami 75g

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Truffle salami is fermented for 72hrs and aged for a minimum of 2 months.

Tasting notes:

The rich flavours of black truffle combine with the lean and fat meat to create the perfect mixture for a truly unique truffle salami.


Intensely aromatic, it is the perfect addition to a charcuterie board or used within your favourite Italian pasta or pizza dish.  

Truffle Salami Ingredients 

 Pork (93.01%), Salt, black truffle salami paste (65% truffle, olive oil, salt, aroma), dried porcini, truffle oil, confit garlic, dried chives, Dextrose, Cure 2 (89.75% salt, 6.25% nitrite, 4% nitrate)


A Sustainable Product...  

As part of our continued environmental and sustainability plan. We utilise the food chain correctly by only using British ex-breeding sows to produce our charcuterie. ⁠

The sows are at least 4 years old and weigh more than 180kg. They deliver fat ratios and an intensity of flavour that simply cannot be matched by younger and smaller animals. Making the perfect truffle salami recipe.