King Peter Ham

King Peter Ham (75g)

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King Peter Ham Cut: Hind Ham

Technique: boned out back leg, trimmed. Cured for 2.5 weeks, cold smoked for 18hrs over chestnut wood and aged for 8 months
Origin: UK
Tasting Notes: Sweet, nutty, deeply coloured with a very gentle background hint of chestnut smoke. Its a great substitute for prosciutto ham.

Animal: pig
Allergens: none

This is a recipe that one of our founders, Tom, developed in memory of his late father, Peter, who adored air-dried hams of all styles. Tom has taken elements from many of these hams to create a genuinely unique product that shows off the attributes of the pork while enhancing it with a blend of black pepper, juniper and gentle chestnut wood smoke.  Sweet and nutty with a hint of smoke, resulting in an incredible depth of flavour.




Pork, Salt, Juniper, Bay, Black Pepper, Red Wine, NaNo2