Tempus No.8 150g

Tempus No.8 (150g)

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Nduja is the soul of Calabria… it’s fire and intensity is a representation of it’s southern Italian roots. Sobrasada, the chorizo-esque spreadable sausage from the heart of Mallorca; coarser than nduja and uniquely Spanish.

Can we make these products? Sure, we could create a Surrey Nduja or Weybridge Sobrasada, but would it be a Sobrasada or Nduja? In our opinion no. If you want to eat these amazing products then we say, go to the source.

So what is No.8? Well it isn’t Nduja or Sobrasada; it’s No.8, a soft, fully aged,spreadable salamiready to eat product on a piece of sourdough or rendering down in a pan with diced shallots and garlic.

Like our product, our process is our own and fundamentally different to that of our Italian and Spanish cousins. The first step is to make a salami using sow belly; a big salami, circa 5kg with a baseline flavour of confit garlic, garlic oil and dried chive that permeates through the meat during it’s drying phase. The salamis are then slow fermented for 3 days and aged for 2-3 months in our purpose built aging room.

The initial flavour profile coupled with the aging brings a roundness and depth to the product; in stage 2 we introduce some fresh layers of spicing to deliver something uniquely British and uniquely Tempus. Dried orange peel, fennel, two types of Mexican chilli, cayenne and mace are expertly balanced to compliment the lactic tang of the slow ferment and the rich garlicky pork.

How do we do this? We harvest the salami, remove it’s natural casing and then pass the fully aged product through a fine grinding plate, finally we mix through the fresh spices to complete the process.

We’re immensely proud of No.8, a spreadable salami and it’s identity is it’s own; and just like Nduja and Sobrasada - it has a true home, right here in Surrey.

(product is vacuum sealed as 150g portion - kilner style jar for display only, not included with the product)