Joe Hurd Guest Recipe - Giardiniera

About Joe Hurd 

An original guest recipe by Joe Hurd, long time friend of Tempus and a brilliant chef who has worked in top restaurants alongside renowned chefs such as Franceso Mazzei and Claude Bosi. He has also spent much of his time presenting various television programmes including The Munch Box, The Saturday Show and Saturday Kitchen.  He is also to be found across the country hosting and performing live cooking demonstrations at shows such as the BBC Good Food Show and the WI Fair.

 Joe Hurd's Giardiniera

There is nothing quite like a plate full of British Charcuterie, a cold glass of red Lambrusco and plenty of freshly pickled vegetables. This is a very simple, quick and vibrant way to make the autumn/winter favourite, Giardiniera. 


  • 25g mixed Carrots (I like to use a bit of a variety, colourful ones are nice but sometimes bleed their colour out making everything a little too puce) 
  • Mixed wild mushrooms (shitake work quite nicely, enoki truly rock) 
  • 20g Celery 
  • 20g Shallot or one red onion halved 
  • Quarter of a head of cauliflower (baby cauliflower or Romanesco is cool) 

Ingredients - Giardiniera

  • 10 x breakfast radishes 
  • 1 tbsp sugar 
  • 2 bay leaves 
  • 100g pickling gherkin if available
  • 400ml white wine vinegar 
  • 400ml water 


  • I wash my vegetables, but in honesty, apart from the celery I don't peel where possible. Halve, or quarter them lengthways. 
  • Chop the stalk away from the cauliflower just to preserve the florets. 
  • Quarter the radishes
  • Bring your water and vinegar to a boil in a large pan, I  personally add a good pinch of salt too, then the bay, peppercorns and sugar 
  • When boiling, add the vegetables and then from the heat immediately 

Method - Joe Hurd Recipe

  • Retain the cooking liquor and when the veg and liquor cooled, place into jars and top up, or simply in a zip lock or Tupperware. Ready to eat whenever you fancy.
I have, strangely found that all this goes quite well with hazelnuts or can be dressed nicely with a salmoriglio.

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