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  • Cheese And Spiced Coppa Pasta Bake - Guest Recipe

    A recipe from @new_forest_foodie using Tempus Spiced Coppa bringing meaty, juniper and black pepper notes to a big bowl of comforting pasta. This ...
  • Mrs Middleton - Tempus No.8 Butternut Squash

    Another original recipe by the brilliant Whizz Middleton, a long-time supporter of Tempus Foods and also the creator of the award-winning Mrs Middl...
  • Joe Hurd Guest Recipe - Giardiniera

    An original recipe by Joe Hurd, simple, quick and vibrant way to make the autumn/winter favourite, Giardiniera - perfectly paired with British charcuterie.
  • Mrs Middleton's Tempus No. 8 Potatoes

    An original recipe by Whizz Middleton, incorporating Tempus’ Foods very own No.8. This potato dish is quick, easy and unbelievably tasty.
  • Tempus' Foods Smoked Eel and Tempus Smoked Coppa

    The perfect summer dish created by our Co-Founder Tom Whitaker - smoked ell & Tempus' Smoked Coppa served with broad beans, tomatoes and seaweed.
  • Pappa al Pomodoro with Guanciale With Chef Tom Salt

    Another brilliant dish from Tom Salt. With his Italian style, he has created a flavourful recipe: Pappa al Pomodoro with Tempus Foods’ Guanciale & golden marjoram.
  • Tempus Foods' Recipe - King Peter Ham, Asparagus & White Beans

    Tempus Foods's very own Poached Wye Valley asparagus, roasted garlic and cannellini bean puree, King Peter ham with toasted capers and pine nuts.
  • Tempus Foods' Recipe - The Best Basil and Guanciale Risotto

    Struggling to get your risotto right? Its a process that requires attention . Why not try The Tempus Guanciale ? And add real depth this risotto dish.
  • Pip Lacey Guanciale And Cheddar Croquette - Guest Recipe

    This recipe comes from the ultra talented and supporter of Tempus, Pip Lacey. Mouth watering Guanciale And Cheddar Croquettes topped with optional lardo.
  • Tempus Foods Spiced Loin Special

    This is a classic salad invented by one of our co-founders Dhruv Baker : Tempus Spiced Loin with flat white peaches, mozzarella, basil and chive dressing.
  • Paccheri Carbonara With Chef Tom Salt

    Tom Salt is not only a long-time supporter of Tempus but also the Exec Chef of the London restaurant group Manicomio and the city staple that i...
  • Bank Holiday Brunch Guest Recipe

    Another great guest recipe from our friend Pip Lacey Head Ched and Co-Owner of Hicce – a play on the breakfast classic with some aged Tempus La...